Biking Tour from Hoi An

Biking Tour from Hoi An


Set out on this 54kms bike tour from Hoi An to discover real adventure and rural Vietnam. We will visit villages close to the My Son temple, visit local craft workshops and have a great day out ion the countryside. This tour is mainly along quiet and flat country roads.

After a 45 minute transfer by minibus we will cross Thu Bon River by local ferry to a small village near the My Son sanctuary. Your bicycle tour discovery of the authentic Vietnam you’ve always dreamed of begins here!

discover real adventure and rural Vietnam

The unique things

Together, we will travel across immense rice fields set in between the river and the mountains where the Vietnamese in their traditional conical hats, continue to cultivate rice using the same methods as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. We will discover local handicrafts, learn the secret of making incense, weaving methods that date back to colonial times, including the weaving of linen.

we will travel across immense rice fields

A local village family will welcome us to share their tea and visit their home, a traditional wooden structure. You will have the opportunity to learn the local history and customs of the countryside, where life is far from the bustling cities and sights.

This tour, far from the usual tourist itineraries, puts you in direct contact with the Vietnamese people. You will take the time to meet these welcoming people, and share unique moments. Stops vary from tour to tour, depending on chance meetings and village activities.

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